Migration and Justice & Security Reform Infographic

This ISSAT infographic visually underscores the distinction between refugees, forced displacement and migration, with an emphasis on the scale of these migratory flows. It also draws attention to the existing policy frameworks and lists a selection of good practice examples on Justice and Security responses to forced displacement and migration. 

The last decade has seen a significant rise in the global refugee flows, mainly as a result of intra-state conflicts. This increase has a global impact. Although the majority of migration flows is from South to South, the recent refugee flow into Europe received high attention in the media and the international community. The public discourse crafted by the media portrayed a false notion of "migrant invasion" that is not supported by data on migration. 

With this infographic and other associated tools, DCAF-ISSAT aims to keeps abreast with developments in the migration and forced displacement discourse. Visit our Thematics in Practice page on Migration and JSSR to access other Knowledge Products, resources, good practice examples and challenges for the international community. 


Les 10 meilleurs conseils


Cette série rassemble les conseils de l'ISSAT sur la réforme du secteur de la sécurité  afin d’aider les praticiens de la RSS dans leur travail.

  • Comment être un bon conseiller en RSS en travaillant avec des acteurs nationaux?
  • Dix conseils permettant d’aborder la corruption
  • Dix recommandations pour mieux aborder la problématique de corruption avec des acteurs nationaux et locaux
  • Dix recommandations relatives au contrôle interne des services de police
  • Pour une meilleure coordination entre donateurs internationaux: dix recommandations
  • à l’intention du personnel de RSS déployé sur le terrain
  • Dix recommandations pour la mise en place d’un système pénal
  • Dix recommandations pour mieux appliquer théorie du changement à la RSS
  • RSS: dix recommandations pour renforcer l’engagement politique
  • RSS: dix recommandations prioritaires pour des programmes durables

Conducting Lesson Identification for Justice and Security Reform Programmes

Collection of evidence of good practice, and presenting key lessons in a way that encourages their use, is an important process for justice and security sector reform. The first phase of learning lessons is to ensure that you collect the evidence supporting the identified good practice using a rigorous and structured process. ISSAT Knowledge Services has put together a comprehensive tool which identifies practical methodological steps to collect the relevant evidence and conduct a lesson identification exercise. 


The Criminal Justice Sector Assessment Rating Tool: Assessor Information

A product of the interagency working group on criminal justice sector evaluation, the Criminal Justice Sector Assessment Rating Tool (CJSART) is designed to assist policy makers and program managers to prioritize and administer host-nation criminal justice sectors needing assistance. 


What is Governance?

Governance infographic

This infographic provides an overview of Governance, from a map of the concept in relation to Justice and Security Sector Reform to entry points and leverage for governance. The document provides a visual representation of good governance and a detailed presentation of the essential interlocking elements that provide checks and balances with their respective definitions. The infographic includes additional resources on governance in the security sector, on performance indicators and measures of effect, and on related topics.

The infographic is best printed on A3 size. You can download it, print it out and fold along the dotted lines - this will provide you with an easy to share, A5-size document.