The WomanStats Database

The WomanStats Project began in 2001 with the aim of investigating the link between the security and behavior of states and the situation and security of the women within them.

The Project has several interrelated goals:

  • To develop the most comprehensive database on the situation and status of women in the world.
  • To develop innovative indices and measures to describe the situation and status of women, which will allow for empirical analysis, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
  • To perform empirical and spatial analysis of the relationship between the situation and status of women in the world with the behavior and security of states.

The Database 

The WomanStats Project is constructing what is already the most comprehensive database on the status of women cross-nationally. Containing over 170,000 data points and growing every day, it covers over 350 variables for 175 nations with populations greater than 200,000 persons. Variables include those relating to nine aspects of women’s situation and security:

  1. Women’s Physical Security
  2. Women’s Economic Security
  3. Women’s Legal Security
  4. Women’s Security in the Community
  5. Women’s Security in the Family
  6. Security for Maternity
  7. Women’s Security Through Voice
  8. Security Through Societal Investment in Women
  9. Women’s Security in the State

The database includes a full spectrum of both qualitative and quantitative data as well as current legal statutes and customs. 

For free access to the Database, please follow the link. 


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