ZPSP - Conflict and Stakeholder Analysis

In the Context of the ZPSP

The context in Zimbabwe combines some degree of social peace and stability with a high level of political in-fighting, in which security agencies play a crucial role. A constant appraisal of the political economy is needed to capture how different stakeholders position themselves. Analysis also provides a real-time picture of who are the drivers of change, and where resistance might emerge.

Definition - Stakeholder Analysis

A key assessment tool, the stakeholder analysis aims to identify potential stakeholders relating to a security and justice reform programme and determine their interests, influence/power, and whether that influence is positive or negative to the programme. This information can be visually mapped on a grid of low and high influence & interest.

Definition - Conflict Analysis

Conflict analysis is the systematic study of the profile, causes, actors, and dynamics of conflict. It helps development, humanitarian and peacebuilding organisations to gain a better understanding of the context in which they work and their role in that context.

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