Workshop on "SSR - from Theory to Practice"

Target country


The Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports has requested ISSAT’s support to conduct an SSR Workshop in Armenia in 2015. The workshop is organised by the OSCE office Yerevan and the Government of Armenia, supported by Austrian MOD.  

The Austrian MoD cooperation with Armenia, started in 2013, has included one training event (Introduction to SSR - Level 1 training & High level SSR sensitisation), followed in 2014 with support of an OSCE-/NATO-event with one expert, and with an SSR follow-up workshop in 2015.

 This SSR workshop will bring together approximately 25 Armenian governmental participants at senior level from different ministries and state institutions relevant to the security sector. 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

-     An increased capacity and understanding of SSR issues,

-     A greater awareness of the ground realities when supporting SSR programmes and

An increased awareness of the holistic nature of SSR and the challenges and needs of inter agency cooperation and coordination.

Outcome objectives of mandate

The Workshop will comprise of 4 thematic modules: introduction to the concept of SSR; involvement of the civil society in SSR/G; interagency co-operation and OSCE and SSR/G. The overall objectives of the training include:

  1. Introducing participants to the concept and evolution of SSR, including such issues as principles, program areas and the highly political nature of SSR.
  2. Reviewing the key policy frameworks and actors involved in SSR, with a special emphasis on the OSCE.
  3. Emphasizing the role of the Civil society in SSR
  4. Acquainting participants with key crosscutting issues in SSR programming such as oversight, gender and multi-actor coordination. 
  5. Providing participants with opportunities to learn about SSR through a series of hands-on exercises in which they are exposed to many of the tools and techniques that SSR practitioners use on the ground.


Specific Lessons Identified