18/08/2015 - 20/08/2015

Target country


The 3-day training will focus on the fundamentals of SSR including key characteristics, actors and the international policy framework. It will also focus on SSR in post-conflict contexts and linkages with peace support operations. Cross-cutting issues such as gender, governance and coordination will also be addressed. 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

-          Increased  knowledge on the key characteristics of SSR

-          Better understanding of challenges of working in post-conflict or fragile contexts and  how to overcome them

-          Increased awareness of linkages between SSR and peace support operations

Outcome objectives of mandate

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has mandated DCAF/ ISSAT to conduct an introductory training on Security Sector Reform and Peace Support Operations (SSR-PSO) at the Bangladesh Institute for Peace Support Operations Training (BIPSOT). The main objective of the course is to enhance participants’ knowledge on SSR so to enhance their performance when deployed to UN missions.


The training will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 18-20 August 2015 and bring together up to 25 military, police and civilian peacekeepers from Bangladesh and abroad, especially from the Asia Pacific Regions. 

Start date


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Specific Lessons Identified