Provision of Advisory Support/Mentoring to the Netherlands Strategic Advisors in Burundi

31/12/2010 - 29/09/2011

Target country


In 2009, the Dutch government concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Burundian authorities to support security sector development (SSD) activities over the next 8 years.

As part of the activity portfolio under this MoU, two Dutch strategic advisors have been seconded to the Burundian ministries for Defence (MDNAC) and Public Security (MSP) – which is in charge of the police. The two strategic advisors provide support to the senior leadership of both ministries on matters pertaining to defence and police strategy, and security sector development processes.

The Netherlands has requested ISSAT to provide ongoing support to and mentoring for both of the Dutch strategic advisors in Burundi to facilitate learning from comparative experience in similar SSD processes elsewhere in Africa. Mentoring includes periodic missions to Burundi to provide face to face support. In addition, continuous assistance is provided through virtual means.

ISSAT will provide two mentors (one to be drawn from the ASSN expert roster) to assist the Dutch strategic advisors until September. These coaches will be backed-up by other members of the ISSAT team.

Mandate outputs / products

  • Brief reports produced covering face-to-face meetings by the strategic advisors and mentors, outlining: a) activities conducted; b) a rating of usefulness by each individual; c) suggestions for improvement.
  • A mid-term evaluation report to assess relevance and impact of teh intervention

Outcome objectives of mandate

This intervention aims to develop the capacities of the Dutch advisors within Burundi's ministries, through increasing their knowledge and expertise in dealing with security sector development, in the African context in specific.

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified