International Police Advisors Masterclass

15/08/2018 - 30/11/2018

Target Country / Organisation

The programme will be run from 29th October to 9th November 2018. The aim is to enhance participants’ effectiveness in the role of senior strategic police advisor to international police reform initiatives, through exposure to experienced actors in the field of police reform or security sector reform. The Masterclass programme uses case study methodology to enable participants to consider alternative perspectives in a variety of international police settings. The Masterclass also lays the foundation for active participation in a peer group community of practice that will help develop the field and offer a continuing source of professional support.

In addition, DCAF ISSAT will attend the Police Master class executive board meeting in Scotland on 9 November 2018 to review the future development of the Police Masteclass. 

Mandate outputs / products

- Police Masterclass private space on ISSAT’s website.

- Facilitation of face-to-face training sessions, including case study on Liberia and emerging international policing trends/challenges. 

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

Having completed the programme, participants will:

- Have a thorough knowledge of the principles that underpin police reform, security sector reform (SSR) and be capable of adapting good practice principles and tools to a variety of police reform contexts;

- Have considered specific cases and individual experiences to identify skills, including interpersonal skills, attributes and approaches that are helpful when acting as a strategic police advisor in an international police reform context;

- Have considered strategies to:

1. stay grounded

2. retain a strategic perspective and

3. maximise effectiveness

4. take account of national and organisational culture.

When operating in a variety of local contexts:

- Be able to identify organisations that are influential in the field of international police assistance

- Consider the impact of political influence, including national policy, on the deployment of strategic police advisors.

- Have a community of peers (senior international police officers with similar international advisory experience and skills) on whom they can call for collegiate support in future.

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End date



Specific Lessons Identified