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Building a peaceful, just and inclusive Somaliland: SDG16+ priorities for action

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16+ unites efforts to create more peaceful, just and inclusive societies around the world. In our latest briefing, Saferworld, the Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum (SONSAF), and civil society outline SDG16+ priorities for action in Somaliland. Working with authorities and civil society organisations from all six regions of Somaliland, Saferworld and SONSAF, held a series of consultations between August 2017 and February 2018 to determine short- and long-term priorities for SDG16+.

This briefing explores why SDG16+ is relevant for Somaliland and sets out those civil society priorities for action. Priority areas include increasing women’s political participation, ending female genital mutilation, and improving access to justice.

For full access to the paper, Building a peaceful, just and inclusive Somaliland: SDG16+ priorities for action, kindly follow the link.


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Lessons Learned from STRIVE Horn of Africa

STRIVE Horn of Africa (HoA) represents the first P/CVE-specific programme by the European Commission outside the EU with the overall objective to prevent terrorism and to counter violent extremism while continuing to respect human rights and international law. The underlying purpose of STRIVE HoA was to strengthen the understanding of drivers of violent extremism through evidence-based analysis; to develop best practices around P/CVE programming in the Horn of Africa based on short pilot activities; and to provide recommendations to contribute to increased impact and more focused interventions.

Given the STRIVE HoA’s particular focus on learning, an Independent Evaluation as well as a Lessons Learned Conference was included in the programme to be carried out in the final stage of implementation.

The Lessons Learned Conference provided a platform to present and discuss the lessons learned under the four results areas and preventative communication as well as an opportunity for the independent evaluators to present their key findings and recommendations. A broad range of P/CVE colleagues from EU institutions, EU member states, international organisations and civil society participated in the conference. Following the conference a Lessons Learned Report was produced based on the presentations, discussions and key recommendations in relation to the four result areas and preventative communication, while also including the key findings and recommendations of the independent Evaluation Report. 

For full access to the Lessons Learned Report, kindly follow the link. 

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SSR needs assessment of Somaliland CSOs

This study report provides an analysis and evaluation of the recent needs assessment of Somaliland Civil Society Organizations /CSOs/ on their engagement with SSR. The study also discusses Somaliland security actors and the ongoing SSR processes. In doing this, it will analyze the specific capacities and gaps of leading CSOs in SSR programming and policy development endeavors. On this note the study report indicates the areas of external support required, as well as the shortcomings to be addressed. Prominent among the study findings is the need for security literacy in Somaliland, the vital role CSOs can play which in turn requires training on SSR to few interested CSOs.

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