Sudan Police Scoping Mission

16/09/2018 - 16/12/2018

Target Country / Organisation


In May 2018, the former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Sudan, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, asked Switzerland for assistance in the field of SSR. Following an exploratory mission by the Human Security Division (HSD) in March 2018, it was decided that Switzerland should assess potential support to the Sudanese Police Forces (SPF) within the context of existing Swiss migration assistance frameworks. The support would focus on fostering Sudan’s willingness to tackle some systemic challenges with regard to respect for international human rights and humanitarian law within its police and security forces. At the same time, it would represent a further step towards building up a constructive and enduring relationship between Switzerland and the Sudanese government. 

As a result, ISSAT was requested to undertake an initial scoping mission to gauge potential challenges and opportunities for support to reform of the SPF. This would include the subsequent development and delivery of a two-day sensitisation on SSR for selected Sudanese Police and Ministry of Interior personnel should the context be conducive. 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

Immediate outputs

  • 1 x post-mission report (max 10 pages) detailing activities, findings and recommendations. The report will include a preliminary scoping of the police needs in terms of capacity building for the screening of migrants/trafficking victims/traffickers and recommendations to address these needs. It will not, however, include any detailed technical analysis, which will require  additional specific expertise not included in the scoping team.

Medium-term outputs

Development of a sensitisation programme for selected Police and Ministry personnel, based on ISSAT’s SSR training materials, adapted for the Sudanese context (with PPTs in Arabic).  The sensitisation training would be delivered during a second deployment should the context be conducive. 

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

ISSAT partnered with staff from the Swiss Embassy working on migration, who were responsible for ensuring that Swiss policy priorities are taken into account during the mandate, as well as identifying opportunities for Switzerland to work across-Government.

When providing initial recommendations to the Swiss FDFA, ISSAT will also engage with its Governing Board to identify possible opportunities for Switzerland to work with other donors/multilateral organisations, subject to Swiss interest in doing so. 


Outcomes include:

  • The relationship between Switzerland and Sudan is further strengthened through the collaboration in a field that is currently not yet covered in terms of bilateral collaborations.
  • The compliance of Sudanese Police Forces with international human rights and humanitarian law is increased.

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End date



Specific Lessons Identified