Evaluation of Norwegian Retraining and Social Adaptation of Military Officers Programme in Ukraine

01/09/2018 - 31/01/2019

Target Country / Organisation


ISSAT has been mandated for the evaluation of a program of Retraining and social adaptation of former military personnel and officers in the armed forces and their family members in Ukraine. 

Mandate outputs / products

Psychological support is integrated into the training programme both as a standalone component but also in the design of training methods and methodology of each course module. The inclusion of families in the course is to aid in the social adaptation process of uniformed individuals through the course discussions and interactive course delivery.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

Some of the distinguishing or unique features of this project include: training that spans to include more advanced skills and knowledge (eg. business management) rather than simply vocational training, reliance on Universities to drive implementation, and target beneficiaries include families of uniformed personnel as beneficiaries. 

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Specific Lessons Identified

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    Evaluation of Norwegian Retraining and Social Adaptation of Military Officers Programme in Ukraine

    In 2003 NORD University established a project in Ukraine to help with re-training and social adaptation of military officers who were in the process of being retired. The project, which is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was designed to support such military officers to better re-integrate and adapt to civilian life namely through employment in the public and private sectors. In the period 2014-2019, over 4000 participants have been trained by the project in 15 regions of Ukraine. A unique element of the course, especially compared to other similar projects in Ukraine, is the inclusion of family members as course participants as well as integrating psychological support throughout the training provided to participants. A key coordination and management partner for the project is the International Foundation for Social Adaptation (IFSA) while the implementation of the core activities and courses is the responsibility of national Universities and local NGO.

    The evaluation was conducted by DCAF’s International Security Sector Advisory Team (DCAF/ISSAT). The main mission of the evaluation took place in December 2019. The evaluation covers the following areas: relevance, effectiveness/impact, efficiency, sustainability, and coordination.