Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law

The Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law (KPSRL) platform aims to inform the Netherlands development policy and implementation in fragile contexts as well as in conflict affected settings through broad international orientation and engagement. 

The Platform brings together a network of relevant communities of practice comprising experts, policymakers, practitioners, researchers and the business sector on the topic of security and rule of law in fragile and conflict affected contexts. It provides a meeting space – offline as well as online – and intellectual stimulus grounded in practice, for its network to share experiences, exchange lessons learned and discuss novel insights. This way, it strives to contribute to the evidence base of current policies, the effectiveness of collaboration and programming while simultaneously facilitating the generation of new knowledge.

Evaluating Employment for Stability

by Manon Tiessink · December 13th, 2017.

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by Manon Tiessink · December 4th, 2017.

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by Manon Tiessink · November 21st, 2017.