Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (GAAMAC)

"GAAMAC is a state-led initiative to prevent mass atrocity crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and ethnic cleansing)

GAAMAC focuses on prevention at the national and regional level.

GAAMAC supports states engaged in preventing mass atrocity crimes and it assists states that are considering developing preventive strategies.

GAAMAC serves as a platform for exchange and dissemination of learning and good practices."

Source: GAAMAC Website

Telephone: (+41) 31 322 65 16
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Task Force Dealing with the Past and Prevention of Atrocities, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland
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Second International Meeting Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes - GAAMAC II - Philippines

Switzerland mandate in Switzerland 01/01/2016 - 11/02/2016

The Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (GAAMAC) is an inclusive, state-led network created in March 2013 by States and NGOs joining together to engage in the prevention of atrocities.

The meetings organized by GAAMAC provide a platform for exchange, dialogue and dissemination of learning and good practice in prevention. GAAMAC supports States in building their capacities to prevent mass atrocity crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing), as well as, in developing and implementing national prevention strategies. It serves as a space for exchange and sharing among different communities of practice and stakeholders.

The objective of GAAMAC II is to convene representatives of interested governments, regional organizations, NGOs, and relevant UN offices to discuss and identify the challenges and ways to develop national architectures and policies for the prevention of atrocity, and to strengthen the capacities and strategies of states and governmental organizations in this field. This meeting is organized jointly by the Governments of the Philippines, as a host country, and Switzerland, current chair of GAAMAC, as mandated by the GAAMAC Steering Group1.   

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