Nonviolent Peaceforce

As an unarmed, paid civilian peacekeeping force, Nonviolent Peaceforce fosters dialogue among parties in conflict and provides a protective presence for threatened civilians.


With the headquarters in Brussels and an office in Minneapolis, NP peacekeeping teams are presently deployed in the Philippines, in South Sudan, Myanmar, and the South Caucasus. Our peacekeepers include veterans of conflict zones, experienced peacekeepers, and those new to the field with the right combination of experience, skills, aptitude and attitude. Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and in Belgium as an AISBL.

Within every combat zone we enter, and throughout our work worldwide, we want to achieve four overarching goals:

  • To create a space for fostering lasting peace.
  • To protect civilians, especially those made vulnerable because of the conflict.
  • To develop and promote the theory and practice of unarmed civilian peacekeeping so that it may be adopted as a policy option by decision makers and public institutions.
  • To build the pool of professionals able to join peace teams through regional activities, training, and maintaining a roster of trained, available people.
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Women's Protection Officer

Application Contact: (

Nonviolent Peaceforce is looking for experienced protection officers to implement community-based violence reduction and prevention programming in various locations in South Sudan, in the context of an on-going civil conflict and extremely high levels of displacement. The Protection Officer will focus on women’s participation in peace and security and direct protection and prevention of sexual & gender based violence. Applications will be processed on a “rolling” basis.

For full details about the vacancy, Women's Protection Officer, please follow the link or read the announcement here