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Policy and Research Papers

Discussion Note: Is a Post-Conflict Army Reconstruction Framework Possible, or Useful?

This paper asks to what extent the experience gained since 1945 can be pulled together in a unified framework to guide army reconstruction efforts. Surely the mixed record since 1945 might be aided by a coherent set of guidelines? Since 2007 there have been at least two attempts by the British and United States armies to write doctrine for their efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the French Army is also understood to be examining this question. But how effective are these national frameworks, and how universally useful might they be beyond their specific nationally-tailored circumstances?

For access to the Discussion Note Is a Post-Conflict Army Reconstruction Framework Possible, or Useful?, please follow the link.


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The Moral Component of Mali and Mosul

the  moral component

In the Moral Component of Mali and Mosul, Thammy Evans looks into some of the cross-cultural origins and arguments for the primary necessity to develop the moral component in partner capacity building programmes. By looking into the history of the moral component of the fighting power, she argues that the moral package includes not just training on, but also building up, institutional oversight at all levels to provide the checks and balances to ensure the sustainability of the moral component, and to deal with any breaches thereof.

To access "The Moral Component of Mali and Mosul" article kindly follow the link.

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Fourteen rules for advisors in Iraq

Inspired by Lawrence and, especially, the work of Gertrude Bell, Ricklef has written the following points, which bring together his experiences of workingwith Iraqis over two deployments since 2005. It is not intended to advance the notion of cultural determinism – many of the individuals you meet in Iraq will defy many of the examples below, as individuals do in all cultures – but it is intended to provide examples of some of the chief culturaldifferences between Iraqi and Coalition culture and thus a few jumping off points for the advisor as he begins his work in an Iraqi Government office, a Provincial Reconstruction Team or Military Transition Team. 
As the Coalition presence in Iraq increasingly moves away from a warfighting role, the advisory role will become more important. Although the article is based on Iraq, it might be relevant and useful for those serving in other parts of the world. 

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