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Post-Conflict Security Sector Reform and the Challenge of Ownership - The Case of Liberia

This paper describes how security sector reform (SSR) has become a pivotal part of international peacebuilding efforts. The author details how donor agencies and Western governments devote substantial resources to strengthen the legitimacy and efficiency of security systems in war-torn societies. The paper discusses the SSR process in Liberia in view of the shift from a transitional to a democratically elected government. It identifies dilemmas between the SSR agenda and the objective of ownership, and argues that a more inclusive and less state-centered approach is needed.

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The Paris Peace Forum—What’s Not to Like?

At a time when multilateral and rules-based international cooperation is under intense pressure from growing nationalism and political short-sightedness, the Paris Peace Forum (held November 2018) came as a welcome attempt at countering the zeitgeist and galvanizing new faith in the idea that “international cooperation is key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace.”

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