Blended Training: Conflict, Rule of Law and Local Security

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Conflict and its myriad forms — interstate war, intrastate rebellion, armed militias destabilizing a region, violent extremism or social exclusion — affect all, especially at the local level. Understanding the root causes and drivers of conflict is one of several steps necessary to ensure local security.

In this training, you will gain specific knowledge, tailored approaches and practical tools to help you conduct a thorough conflict and security analysis. International experts will guide the discussion to impart a better understanding of how stakeholders at the different levels of government can promote positive conflict transformation.

Specific attention will be given to the concept of community security and its underlying principles. Using a diverse set of case studies, along with interactive workshop sessions, you will learn how to develop and implement a security plan.

Security at the local level can only be reached with an integrated approach focusing on immediate quick-wins and sustainable long-term solutions. Not only the security and justice sector, but all actors at the different governance layers play an essential role in achieving this goal. The course will take place in The Hague from 21 September to 16 November 2020.

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Registration is open until 4 September 2020!