Tool 4: Effective Management of External Support to Security Sector Reform

Tool 4 SSRG

Tool 4 of the Toolkit for Security Sector Reform and Governance in West Africa by DCAF addresses key challenges that West African states may face when extending their cooperation relationships to the field of security governance. It aims to provide ECOWAS member states with practical guidance on how to manage external assistance to SSR in a way that supports a national vision, ensures cost-efficiency, enforces mutual accountability and strives for sustainable results. It is mainly aimed at national administrations of ECOWAS member states specifically in charge of planning, managing and overseeing internal and external resource allocation to SSR, but can also be useful for oversight stakeholders monitoring the national security agenda, the national budget or cooperation policies, such as the media, academic research centres and civil society observatories and organisations.

SSR is a costly process, which requires an intense and long-term budgetary commitment from countries undertaking it. The financial burden of this process can weigh particularly heavily on the national budgets of West African states facing the challenges of economic development. The increasing readiness of the international community to support SSR efforts represents an opportunity for countries willing to redefine their security system, but also comes with a number of political, strategic and technical challenges from a national point of view.

For more information on the Tool 4 : Effective Management of External Support to Security Sector Reform, kindly follow the link to the DCAF website.

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