Les vidéos sont un moyen dynamique utilisé par ISSAT pour communiquer avec ses partenaires. Les vidéos ci-dessous présentant des expériences du terrain sur la sécurité et la consolidation des nations sur le plan mondial.

Lessons from Iraq: Building an Inclusive Armed Forces and Engaging Informal Actors

Interview with Walter Slocombe, Senior Advisor for Security and Defence to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad (2003). Mr Slocombe is also a former US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.


African Union assistance in Security Sector Reform

In this short 3 minute clip, Dr Tarek Sharif, Head of the Defence and Security Division of the Peace and Security department of the African Union, talks about the role the AU plays in assisting its members to carry our reform of their security sectors.


The United Nations' Civilian Capacities Initiative

Renata Dwan, Senior Project Officer Civilian Capacities at the United Nation's headquarters in New York, explains this initiative, why it was set up and what it seeks to achieve.


Working with Local Counterparts

In this video, Paulo Costa, an experienced Police advisor, shares his insights on the importance of developing a good rapport with a foreign colleague.  Taking time to develop a personal relationship before getting down to business, may make your task much easier.


The challenges of security sector reform in Somalia.

The former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Hussein Arab Isse, talks about the challenges of reforming the security sector in Somalia, including the need for greater inclusion of women in the process. Interview conducted 3 October 2012.