ZPSP - Strategic Partnerships

In the Context of the ZPSP

ZPSP engaged with all actors with a stake in ensuring that security is provided in the interest of Zimbabwean citizens. ZPSP provides a direct non-confrontational interface for civil society with the government. A careful stakeholder engagement strategy managed to build a strong relation with the traditional chiefs, to formalise a MoU with the Parliament of Zimbabwe, and to engage with the Ministry of War Veterans.

Definition - Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships refer to stakeholder engagement activities geared to build co-ownership of change processes, thus going beyond a token consideration of information, consultation, and participation. True partnerships are therefore a conceptual and practical corollary of the broad definition of security sector as understood by SSR. Strategic partnerships expand the reach of SSR interventions, while empowering stakeholders and building tangible trust. Such partnerships are also effective in enhancing exchanges and synergies among stakeholders, providing both wider opportunities to work in governance issues and broader entry-points to SST.