Review of the implementation of the Community Policing Project in Albania

19/05/2013 - 18/07/2013

Target country


The mandate project would look into different the aspects of the programme implementation like general level of progress, effectiveness of the Project Managament Team set-op, level of ownership from the Albanian State Police and other relevant actors, relationships with the direct beneficiaries, level of programme adjustment to the changing environment, quality of communication with external actors and other ongoing programmes, efficiency in the use of resources, etc. The mandate project should look into possible ways to maximise the programme results and assess the overall quality of the programme by-products developed so far. This mandate is part of the programme Swedish Support to Community Policing in Albania.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Target organisation type(s)

Mandate outputs / products

The project team should come up with an early briefing on the review conclusions to Sida/Swedish Embassy in Tirana, a workshop with the Project Management Team (PMT) implementing the programme in Albania  and Albanian State Police, and a draft report to be finalized after the feed-back/comments from SIPU International, Ministry of Interior and  Sida/Embassy.

The (Mandate) project team will organise focus group and individual interviews with the relevant actors in order to collect reliable information and views. Workshops might be necessary to check out ideas and opinions from the different participating groups / Institutions and individuals. However, the methodological design of the project/assignemnt are almost entirely left to the decision of the project team.

Outcome objectives of mandate

Improved programme performance,

increased creativity and flexibility in the programme implementation approach,

further consolidation of the PMT and its working routines,

a more active and targeted communication from the programme,

 hands-on advice on the quality of the programme products/outputs.

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified

Outputs and Outcomes

  • Difficult to say on ISSAT side. It should come from the implementation team in order to see if the report and the recommendations were useful for them and taken forward or not.
  • We raised awareness on aspects of the evaluation methodology, 1,2,3 SSR, report drafting and recommendations
  • The mandator direct feedback was very positive. The report was considered to be very useful.

Success factors

  • Team Leader very knowledgeable of the context and the programme and the mandator and the implementation team
  • Good mix of expertise in the team
  • Good methodology used and good division of labour
  • Good timing (enough time for planning, in mission and after mission)

Main challenges

  • Political instability in the police and staff being moved from one position to the other while we were on the ground.

Innovative approaches

  • Small Grant Scheme and this balanced approach between working at local and central level + State and non-state actors
  • Performance Management System component
  • For ISSAT, being involved on the assessment, design and mid-term evaluation of one programme

What would you have done differently?

  • More structured approach to our capacity building activities
  • More time to discuss and brainstorm on the recommendations with the implementation team
  • application/pdf

    Mid-term Review of the Swedish support to the MoI/ASP on Community Policing

    The report provides the findings and recommendations of a Swedish (Sida) mandate to ISSAT to undertake a mid-term review of the project “Swedish support to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) / Albanian State Police (ASP) on Community Policing (SACP), which took place over the period September-October 2013. The overall approach and methodology for the review is based on ISSAT’s Operational Guidance for Reviews and Evaluation.

  • application/pdf

    Rishikimi afatmesëm i mbështetjes suedeze ndaj MB-së / PSHSH-së për Policimin në Komunitet

    Raporti jep gjetjet dhe rekomandimet e rishikimit afatmesëm të projektit  “Mbështetja suedeze ndaj MB-së/PSHSH-së për Policimin në Komunitet (PKSSH)” që u zhvillua gjatë periudhës shtator - tetor 2013. Qasja e përgjithshme dhe metodologjia e përdorur për rishikimin është e bazuar në Udhëzuesin Operativ të ISSAT për Shqyrtime dhe Vlerësime.