SSR Lessons from Ethiopia and South Sudan

An interview with General Tsadkan Gebretensae, who has overseen SSR programmes in his native Ethiopia and more recently has worked as an advisor in South Sudan.


Policy and Research Papers

African Union Policy Framework on Security Sector Reform (SSR)

Africa is generally recognized as the theatre where the vast majority of SSR processes take place, particularly as part of post-conflict reconstruction. Yet, such SSR processes have been mostly informed by externally-generated policy frameworks and assumptions that often do not necessarily align with the realities and sources of insecurity of African peoples, states and societies.

In this policy framework, the African Union aims to reiterate its recognition of, and commitment to, existing normative frameworks on SSR, particularly those developed by the United Nations and other multilateral actors. The AU policy framework on SSR emanates from the recognition of the continuing gap between existing approaches to SSR and deficits in the delivery and governance of security in many AU Member States.


Other Documents

Africa Forum on SSR - Concept Note

This concept note describes the background to the 2014 Africa Forum on Security Sector Reform.

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