Evaluation of UNDP Jordan RoL Programme

10/07/2017 - 31/10/2017

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ISSAT and UNDP have established a partnership, since 2016 and until 2020, to jointly work towards establishing a coherent evidence base for Rule of Law programming. Through the roll-out of a wide, country-level evaluation process, the aim is to establish  a lesson learning system to ensure that innovative practices, niches of good practice, examples of potential impact and shared challenges are systematically collected, analysed and fed into the programming process. The evaluations follow a uniformed methodology, albeit adapted to country contexts, and critically assess the project’s implementation and monitoring efforts and/or the country office’s broader rule of law efforts. 

UNDP has requested that DCAF-ISSAT evaluate the 2015-2017 phase of the Jordan country programme “Community Security and Access to Justice” as part of this series of evaluations. This evaluation will build upon the evidence base developed in the first evaluation of this series, of the Guinea-Bissau programme. It will start the process of understanding the range of UNDP activities occurring under the Global Programme, and thus contribute to the development of the strategic guidance on result reporting and monitoring at the global level (the mandate will also include the extraction of findings from the Jordan evaluation to feed into the strategic monitoring framework).

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    Evaluation of UNDP Jordan RoL Programme

    This is the report summarizing the findings of the DCAF-ISSAT evaluation conducted on the 2015-18 Jordan project "Enhancing Community Security and Access to Justice in Host Communities and other Fragile Areas in Jordan".