Latin America Security and Defence Network (RESDAL)

RESDAL is a network that creates, strengthens and links the capacities and efforts of decision-makers, academics and members of civil society within the field of security and defence, collaborating in the construction of a peaceful democratic environment in Latin America and the Caribbean where democratic institutions exist that generate policies, experiences and initiatives that at the same time impact the hemispheric and international security environment.

RESDAL was born at the end of 2001 as an initiative by a group of experts from several countries who had the vision to create a space for collaborative work and dialogue in order to promote democratic institutions in the area of security and defence.

Since it was founded, they have contributed to greater transparency of government institutions and the introduction of key issues into the regional agenda, while supporting hemispheric cooperation processes and confidence-building, and reinforcing state and civil society capabilities, all of which inspires us to keep working.

Buenos Aires
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