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The surprising way groups like ISIS stay in power

ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas. These three very different groups are known for violence — but that’s only a portion of what they do, says policy analyst Benedetta Berti. They also attempt to win over populations with social work: setting up schools and hospitals, offering safety and security, and filling the gaps left by weak governments. Understanding the broader work of these groups suggests new strategies for ending the violence.



TEDx Talk: WOLA's Adriana Beltrán on Guatemala's Fight against Corruption and Impunity

This TEDx Talk video by Adriana Beltrán from the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) addresses Central America and Guatemala's problems of insecurity, violence, and the growing influence of organised crime. These issues have led many to flee their homes and communities, and has transnational effects. As head of the Citizen Security Program for WOLA, Beltrán promotes policies that identify and address the root causes of violence and improve the effectiveness and accountability of police and judicial systems.

For access to the TEDx Talk - WOLA's Adriana Beltrán on Guatemala's Fight against Corruption and Impunity, kindly follow the link.