Scoping Mission for the Netherlands-Burundian SSD Programme

Pays-Bas mandate in Burundi 01/10/2009 - 31/10/2009

The Government of the Netherlands requested ISSAT assistance to support their Scoping Mission for the Netherlands-Burundian support to Burundian Parliamentary Oversight over Security and Defence. This is a follow-on to the previous request for assistance for the baseline study. ISSAT was requested to provide an expert with knowledge of ethnicity and the security/SSR context in Burundi.

In addition to the ongoing baseline study, the Netherlands came up with a number of quick win/confidence building projects to be implemented between 2009 and 2010. The proposals included responding to the request to provide technical assistance from the Parliament, the Civil Society and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by:

  • Supporting the Parliament in holding a hearing on the issues of ethnic balance within with security services;
  • Organising a seminar for civil society on civil involvement in/oversight of the security forces;
  • Organising a seminar on SSR for the Burundian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to assist their role as coordinators of the national SSR process.  

Baseline Study for the Netherlands-Burundian SSD Programme

Pays-Bas mandate in Burundi 01/08/2009 - 31/10/2009

The Government of the Netherlands requested the assistance of ISSAT to support their Baseline Study of the Security Sector in Burundi as part of the Netherlands-Burundian Security Sector Development (SSD) Programme. ISSAT was requested to provide a military specialist with knowledge of the security/SSR context in Burundi.

Burundi and the Netherlands have cooperated on security sector development issues since 2004, which was formalised through the signing of a long term Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As part of the MoU, the Netherlands and Burundi agreed to execute a baseline study of the security sector, to be undertaken by independent experts in the field of SSD, in close cooperation with Burundian and Dutch representatives.

The baseline assessment served two purposes:

  1. To improve the understanding of the real and perceived of security needs, from an individual, institutional and political perspective. The study should also at the implications this will have for security provision, potential risks and challenges.
  2. To provide a basis against which the results of the Dutch-BurundianSSDprogramme can be evaluated on an annual basis as well as at the end of the programme, and against which future activities can take shape.

Support to DPKO Field Research in Burundi and DRC as Part of UN project to Operationalise Linkages between DDR and SSR

UN mandate in Burundi 01/09/2008 - 31/01/2009

DPKO requested that ISSAT contribute to a UN project to explore the linkages between DDR and SSR and draw relevant lessons learned and guidance for future DDR and SSR activities. 2 ISSAT Associate SSR advisors are requested to conduct field missions in Burundi and DRC.


Support OECD DAC in-country Consultation on the OECD DAC Handbook on SSR

mandate in Burundi 02/12/2007 - 06/12/2007

The international community active on SSR issues in Burundi initiated this consultation process. Their objective was to increase their capacity and knowledge on how to support SSR processes.

The DAC requested ISSAT assistance on this matter. As this was ISSAT's first mission, it was funded by DCAF, in the spirit of needing to build legitimacy and experience. Further consultations will be held in other countries in Africa (CAR in January and Guinea Bissau in March 2008) which will be led by the ISSAT.