EUPST training on SSR and Police Reform

12/03/2017 - 17/03/2017

Target country


Organized by the European Union Police Services Training (EUPST), this course includes several modules covering topics such as the concept and policy framework of SSR, strengthening governance and accountability within the police services, analyzing and designing police support programmes, dilemmas and challenges when supporting police reform etc. Interactive co-learning methodologies and concrete case studies that encourage participants to share their own experiences will be used throughout the course.

Target organisation type(s)

Mandate outputs / products

- Greater understanding of the concept and evolution of SSR including principles, actors and the international policy framework;

- Ability to recognise the linkages between SSR and police reform;

- Enhanced capabilities, understanding and skills required for effectively support police programmes;

- Greater awareness of challenges and good practice related to providing police support to fragile and conflict affected states.

Outcome objectives of mandate

Greater awareness of SSR and its linkages to police reform.

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