Final Evaluation of UNDP 'Rule of Law and Justice' Project in Guinea-Bissau

01/10/2016 - 28/02/2017

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Final Evaluation of UNDP 'Rule of Law and Justice' Project in Guinea-Bissau – in the context of the wider partnership between ISSAT – UNDP Global Programme on Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development.

ISSAT will support the UNDP Global Programme in its broader objectives of:

1)      providing better integrated programme-focused policy advice to respond to increasingly complex and interconnected justice, security and development challenges; and,

2)      playing the critical function of furthering knowledge sharing and knowledge management.

ISSAT will support the Global Programme, and specifically its component on Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development to achieve its planned results by conducting a series of evaluations. These will build an evidence base for the range of interventions conducted under the Global Programme, allow progress within each country programme to be tracked, and help identify good practices from specific implementations, which can then be disseminated and potentially enrich programmes in different countries/ regions.  Against this background, the overall objectives for ISSAT are:

  • Undertake country and project specific relevant evaluations, and provide those programmes with operationally relevant recommendations to guide future implementation;
  • Analyse the approaches and contribution of country programmes, undertaken in different development, political and security contexts, towards aggregated impact at the global programme level; and,
  • Assess the extent to which structures, programmes, and approaches, have contributed to progress against the overall GP Rule of Law and Justice (RoL&J) Theory of Change, and identify evidence of innovation and success in programming implementation.

In this broader framework, a final evaluation of the "Rule of Law and Justice" project of the UNDP country office in Guinea-Bissau will be undertaken by ISSAT. This evaluation provides an opportunity to launch a pilot experience in terms of developing and testing an adequate methodology, considering simultaneously the specific needs of the country project and those of the Global Programme. The evaluation will strive to draw accumulated knowledge, good practice and lessons learned from the RoL&J project in Guinea-Bissau, to input into its next programming phase. This learning from direct experience will also support the Global Programme in bridging country experiences and global knowledge, practice and policy, and will help to identify those successful elements that may be fully replicable or partially transferable, so that they can be tested and scaled-up in other contexts.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Target organisation type(s)

Mandate outputs / products

  • A pre-deployment methodology report outlining country project evaluation criteria, as well as global relevant criteria and indicators.
  • Inception report completed just prior to fieldwork, drafted on the basis of the review of project documents provided by the country office.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Debrief session with relevant country office management and staff at the end of the fieldwork, including recommendations for subsequent phase of UNDP CO programming on RoL, as well a reflection about global relevant evaluation criteria and lessons.
  • A draft evaluation report by the 19th of December.
  • Final evaluation report in English, including recommendations for the next phase of programming submitted by 20 January (on the condition that both UNDP GP HQ and Country Office provide comments until 6 January).
  • An extended executive summary of the report in Portuguese (submitted by 27 January, pending the above).
  • Presentation of findings at a validation workshop (to be held in the week of 6-10 February, pending above sequencing of report completion).

Outcome objectives of mandate

  • Strengthened RoL programming in Guinea-Bissau, with a focus on UNDP but including joint programming across the UN, boosted by the recommendations of the evaluation report.
  • A robust basis for the subsequent evaluations to be carried out through the ISSAT-Global Programme partnership, deriving from the pilot-tested methodological framework.  

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  • application/pdf

    Evaluation Report UNDP Rule of Law and Justice Project in Guinea-Bissau

    ISSAT undertook a final evaluation of UNDP’s Rule of Law and Justice (RoL&J) Project (2014-2016) in Guinea-Bissau, at the request of the Country Office. The RoL&J project falls under phase II of the UNDP Global Programme for Justice, Security and Human Rights (2012-2015). Whilst meeting corporate requirements for evaluating a project at country level, the final evaluation of the RoL&J project represented an opportunity to pilot an evaluation methodology that meets also the specific needs of ISSAT’s long term support to the Global Programme.