Scoping Mission to Honduras in Support of SDC

14/01/2013 - 11/04/2013

Target country


ISSAT/DCAF has been mandated by SDC to provide support to their office in Honduras for the Swiss new Cooperation Strategy for Central America 2013-2017. This support will be provided in the form of backstopping in the areas of security sector reform, conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity.

As a first step to fulfilling the mandate, ISSAT will undertake a scoping mission to Honduras. The purpose of the scoping mission is to:

a)  Assess SDC’s backstopping needs given the internal and external opportunities and challenges presented to Switzerland’s development cooperation with Honduras in the areas of security sector reform, conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity;

b)  Provide a qualified foundation for the drafting of a three-year backstopping contract between SDC and DCAF/ISSAT with partners.

Following a brief desk review phase, two ISSAT advisors will undertake a ten-day field mission (18 Feb – 01 Mar) to undertake a light assessment.

The assessment will primarily be based on the study of existing documents, interviews, one field trip to a community and different types of workshops. For the latter, the methodology of “interactive analysis”[1]of armed violence/conflict will be used as well as participatory mapping exercises.

[1] These types of workshops, interactive analysis, have been used my DCAF/ISSAT and partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America to gather expert groups and extract sharp analysis, conclusions and recommendations in a very cost effective, or efficient, way.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Related activities

Mandate outputs / products

A “hands-on” and results oriented report of maximum 20 pages excluding appendixes. This will include:

  1. A strategic assessment of drivers in favour or negative to peace, security & justice in Honduras including national initiatives that provide window’s of opportunities to SDC;
  2. An assessments of SDC’s comparative advantages and needs– across the three dimensions of poverty focused in Swiss strategy;
  3. Assessment of SDC partners’ needs.

Outcome objectives of mandate

A solid plan for ISSAT backstopping support to SDC

Improved programme performance

Start date


End date



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