ISSAT support to Norway in Nepal

01/05/2017 - 21/07/2017

Target Country / Organisation


Supporting the Norwegian Embassy in Nepal to conduct a donor mapping overview of emerging needs and change in context, and identification of possible areas for future programmatic support related to justice sector reform.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products


  • Donor mapping report (past, ongoing, planned donor support to justice and security sector reform) and Situation Assessment (maximum 25 pages).
    • The situation assessment will detail the priority needs, change in context and opportunities, key challenges in the reform process, and highlight emerging opportunities for support related to justice and security sector reform in Nepal. Particular attention will be given to the prospects for sustainability of current donor efforts, local ownership, gender, and accountability mechanisms related to justice and security sector reform, but particularly focused on the justice sector. The report will also provide an overview of the context and key progress related to justice and security sector reform in Nepal.
    • The donor mapping study will detail all ongoing and planned donor projects related to justice and security sector reform in Nepal.  including looking at the UNDP and future plans of UNDP for ROL in Nepal.  The donor mapping will detail support to each institution in the sector (both state and non-state), with a specific focus on support to management, accountability, capacity building, HR and inclusion, gender, anti-corruption, law reform and governance at strategic or tactical levels. The aim of the study will be to highlight key trends in donor support to the sector, identify emerging clusters of support and identify possible gaps in future support. The report will also provide initial analysis of donor coordination in the sector.
    • Options paper for Norwegian support to justice reform and rule of law (Maximum 10 pages)
      • Based on the findings from the donor mapping and situation assessment, the brief options paper will provide an overview of the various opportunities for  the Norwegian Embassy to support justice reform and rule of law in Nepal. Also setting out advantages and disadvantages of support through the UNDP as an option.  This includes recommendations on the modalities for implementation sequencing of support, how to ensure flexibility in approach, opportunities for partnerships, and priorities for any future programme. An outline of risks and possible mitigation measures will also be included in the paper.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate


  • 1) The future Norway funded programme fills an identified gap in the area of justice system reform in Nepal , and is relevant for strengthening rule of law
  • 2) A coordinated approach to planning and implementation of justice and security sector reform programmes is utilised in Nepal

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  • application/pdf

    Nepal Justice Sector Assessment

    The year on year economic growth and improvements in the Human Development Index indicators confirm that Nepal is undergoing dramatic change and socio-economic development is improving. Important reforms are underway or planned across the security and justice sector. It is anticipated that with the gradual implementation of the new Constitution profound changes will occur in the justice sector. This includes federalization of the police to a new three tier structure, the creation of new Judicial Committee bodies at the local level Governments, reduction of the jurisdiction of the Chief District Officer (CDO), and ensuring District Courts become the courts of first level of appeal. The recently promulgated Penal Code and draft civil law and criminal code are also expected to fundamentally change the way justice services are provided. The overall ambition and expected changes reaffirm the importance and need for justice sector reform in the medium to long-term.