Thursday 26 February 2015

SSR today and Norway's potential role in the international SSR arena

This seminar is part of a series of collaborative seminars across government to update on the status, trends, challenges and opportunities for Norway in SSR. The discussions agenda is below:

0900-1030 – SSR today

A look at the state-of-play of SSR

  • An approach, not just an activity;
  • Where the OECD-DAC countries have taken SSR – their capacities and outlook
  • Trends and challenges in SSR across the international arena

Background reading:

-          Mapping a way forward for Security Sector Reform

-          Is it time to rethink our approach to Security Sector Reform?

1030 – 1100 coffee break

1100-1230 – Improving solutions for SSR

This session will look at the mechanisms in need of development to better support holistic and trans-national governance of the security sector. It will ask participants to workshop how Norway can contribute to and influence these mechanisms, as well as solicit ideas for complementary alternatives.

  • The interplay between external and internal security capacity – how to transition from stabilisation operations to securing peace – how do we develop international, deployable, advisory policing capacity?
  • Regional codes-of-conduct – how to encourage regional mechanisms and capacity to adopt consensual behaviour?
  • Participatory solutions – how to improve civilian capacity and oversight – how to encourage national dialogue, reconciliation, and communication of SSR goals and achievements

1230 – lunch

1315-1500 –  Norway’s niche in the international arena

Guided by the discussions throughout the day and input to them from cross-government participants, this session will look at how Norway can better contribute to the international effort to support SSR in the light of recent trends and developments. This discussion and its outcomes will draw on:

1500 - Wrap-up and way ahead

1530 - Close

Training Event