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Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of

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Codes of Conduct in Defence Ministries and Armed Forces

Corruption risk in defence and security establishments is a key concern for defence officials and senior military officers, as corruption wastes scarce resources, reduces operational effectiveness and reduces public trust in the armed forces and security services. Part of the solution to these risks is clear guidance on the behaviour expected of senior officers and officials, and strong application of those standards of behaviour. 

The report presents the conclusions of an analysis of the written codes of conduct and related documents from 12 participating nations: Argentina, Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Kenya, Lithuania, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

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Paris espère de Ryad une aide financière pour la force du G5 Sahel

Le président français Emmanuel Macron a demandé à l'Arabie Saoudite une aide financière à la force des pays du G5 Sahel, pour laquelle il manque encore environ 100 millions de dollars de financement, a indiqué l'Elysée vendredi.

La France a épaulé l'initiative des pays du G5 Sahel, qui regroupe cinq pays de la région (Mauritanie, Mali, Burkina Faso, Tchad et Niger) de créer une force militaire conjointe aux confins du Mali, du Burkina Faso et du Niger, une zone très instable devenue un foyer pour les groupes extrémistes.

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Gender Justice & The Law: Assessment of laws affecting gender equality in the Arab States region

Conducted by UNDP, UN Women, UNFPA, and ESCWA, this study on Gender Justice & the Law in the Arab States Region provides a comprehensive assessment of laws and policies affecting gender equality and protection against gender-based violence in Arab countries. The report is composed of 18 country profiles, each of which maps a country’s key legislative developments and gaps regarding gender justice. This introduction provides an overall summary of these country chapters followed by a summary of each country examined.

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