Security Sector Reform Training for Civil Society in Timor Leste

22/09/2009 - 24/09/2009

Target country


The Norwegian and Irish governments requested ISSAT’s support in the organisation of a Security Sector Reform training for civil society organisations in Timor Leste. In collaboration with a local partner -Fundasaun Mahein - ISSAT conducted a three-day training programme in Dili, Timor Leste in late September. The training brought together civil society representatives from Timor Leste and the broader South-East Asian region.

Overall objectives of the training programme included:

  • Increased SSR capacity for civil society organisations;
  • Dialogue and discussion among various civil society actors;
  • Greater understanding on the purpose, goal, processes and principles of SSR.

The target audience for the training were Timorese civil society organisations and personnel with direct and indirect involvement in security sector development.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Target organisation type(s)

Outcome objectives of mandate

  • Increased SSR capacity for civil society organisations;
  • Sharing and exchange of regional SSR experiences;
  • Design and deliver case studies on SSR experiences inSouth-East Asia;
  • Ensure the sustainability of SSR programmes by training new audiences.

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