Support to Workshop on the Use of Legal Texts in Security Sector Dialogue and Research

16/04/2012 - 20/04/2012

Target country

Ireland Aid requested ISSAT support for a workshop for civil society actors in Timor Leste focusing on how to utilise legal texts as part of SSR dialogue processes and research activities.  

This was part of a larger project supported by Ireland Aid which included the translation of 20 key Timorese security sector laws into Tetun. The translated text was to enable access to and understanding of security sector legislation by a broader segment of the population, thus strengthening strong democratic dialogue around security sector development.  

In order to maximize the benefits of the translation, Ireland Aid was working with a local NGO "Fundasaun Mahein" to conduct a training for civil society actors on using security sector legislation. ISSAT was requested to provide support through the provision of one advisor to the process with SSR experience and a good knowledge of Timor Leste. 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Target organisation type(s)

Outcome objectives of mandate

  • Increased capacity of Timorese Civil Society to conduct research on, and thus monitor and advocate on, security sector issues.

Start date


End date



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