Justice Delivery in Hybrid Environments

Non-state justice system is an umbrella term incorporating a multitude of heterogeneous actors and processes aimed at resolving conflict -primarily- in parallel to the formalized state system. These may exist with state approval and could- to varying degrees- be adopted into the formal system.

Non-state justice providers, together with state justice providers, make up the justice system. Many terms are used interchangeably for ‘non-state justice’ actors and mechanisms. These include ‘informal’, ‘grass-roots’, ‘community justice’, ‘indigenous’ and ‘popular justice’

Informal justice is often defined by its key attributes. It is described as “unofficial, dissociated from state power, non-coercive, dependent on rhetoric rather than force, non-bureaucratic, decentralized, relatively undifferentiated, and non-professional; its substantive and procedural rules are imprecise, unwritten, flexible, ad hoc, and particularistic".