Renaud Galand

Currently Judicial Affairs Officer in the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI) of DPKO, Justice and Corrections Service.

Formerly Lead Justice Advisor for ISSAT’s team and its members, providing advice and guidance in the area of SSR and particularly Justice Reform, to both ISSAT’s core team and members. He undertakook Security and Justice Sector Reform programme design, assessment and monitoring and evaluation missions.

Belgian nationality. Wealth of experience in the field of international justice and the security sector, particularly in the areas of designing, planning and implementing international programmes in post-conflict contexts.

Worked with the United Nations, the Red Cross Movement, and international NGOs such as Avocats sans Frontières, and RCN Justice and Democracy – an international NGO supporting public institution in the public sector – where he was the Director General.

Case Studies

Improving Coherence and Coordination Through a Joint Multi-actor Assessment in Guinea

Selected Resources

Policy Brief- Addressing state fragility in Guinea-Conakry: A European success story?- Cristina Barrios, FRIDE

This case study outlines the lessons from the UN-ECOWAS joint multi-actor security sector assessment mission in response to the request of the Guinean transitional authority including the interim president, General Konate. The purpose of the mission was the "diagnosis of the security sector" in Guinea.

Case Study