Simon Lunn

Policy and Research Papers

Security Sector Development and the Rule of Law in Afghanistan

The fourth in the series of NATO-PA – DCAF public conferences highlighting and the discussing the principal challenges to the transatlantic security agenda focused on the dual prerogatives of security sector reform and establishing the rule of law in Afghanistan. Afghanistan remains of paramount importance for allies on both sides of the Atlantic, and for the international community as a whole. At NATO’s Bucharest summit at the beginning of April 2008, all major international actors reaffirmed their commitment to the Afghan people, yet much remains to be done to provide the conditions for a stable and prosperous Afghanistan, not least to create local ownership of security problems.


Contrôle et Orientation – La Pertinence du Contrôle Parlementaire pour le Secteur de la Sécurité

Ce volume est une version actualisée du Vademecum de l’Assemblée parlementaire de l’OTAN et du DCAF sur le contrôle et l’orientation du secteur de la sécurité. Comme dans sa première édition, publiée en 2003, ce volume cherche à présenter une information de fond sur le contrôle et l’orientation parlementaire du secteur de la sécurité, en mettant un accent particulier sur les affaires de défense, ainsi que des documents mis au point et agréés par l’Assemblée parlementaire de l’OTAN (APO) qui mettent en valeur le status quaestionis dans cette enceinte et au sein de la communauté euro atlantique élargie.


Oversight and Guidance: Parliaments and Security Sector Governance

Via a collection of edited articles, this third version of the DCAF-NATO PA ‘Vademecum’ underlines the essential role that parliaments must play in ensuring democratic oversight of the security sector. Updating key information on best practices related to parliamentary oversight and guidance of the security sector, the volume retains a special focus on defence affairs, and puts the oversight role of parliament into political and military contexts. Aimed at democratic institutions in NATO partners, the product provides an introduction to the overarching principles of security sector reform and key oversight mechanisms and best practices.

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