Ukraine Conflict: Overcoming the Deadlock

KOFF 143

KOFF Newsletter 143

From the editorial:

For almost two years, Ukraine has been gripped by an unprecedented crisis. The result of several years of public discontent due to poor governance, the events in the Maidan square very quickly turned into armed and ideological conflict which went beyond the borders of the country. Today, despite the Minsk II agreement signed in February 2015, the situation in eastern Ukraine remains highly unstable. Against this backdrop, and given the difficulties encountered when using official diplomatic channels, civil society may have a crucial role to play in resolving the armed conflict and working towards socioeconomic and institutional reforms.
 This issue features some of the initiatives launched and supported by Swiss NGOs in this context, as well as actions taken at state level not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany, where the government is preparing to take over the OSCE chairmanship.

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