Defence Institution Building Self-Assessment Kit. A Diagnostic Tool for Nations Building Defence Institutions

The Defence Institution Building Self-Assessment Kit is an instrument developed within the framework of the NATO initiative called Partnership Action Plan on Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB). It is aimed at the nations identified by the PAB-DIB document as primary beneficiaries of this initiative, as well as any other nation with an interest in building defence institutions, to look into their own endeavours and see where they stand in developing and sustaining efficient and democratically responsible defence institutions, including the armed forces, under democratic and civilian control.

The self-assessment kit is composed of the present questionnaire and the methodology for applying it within your organisation. By employing these tools, you may be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the defence institutions as they currently are and to redirect your defence institution-building efforts where they are most needed.

A stand alone self-assessment kit on defence institutionalisation would contribute significantly to identifying sources of dysfunctionality within defence institutions and channelling the endeavours aimed at fixing them. It would also facilitate the internal preparations of your organisation for systematic dialogue with NATO, other organisations within the government and with external donors, and it would provide a methodological platform for monitoring the very process of defence institutionalisation. Moreover, such a kit would contribute significantly to the transparency of all processes within the defence sector and would encourage the continuous involvement of the people in your government’s efforts to render the security and defence sectors more effective, economically efficient and democratically accountable through appropriate reforms and transformation processes.