Gender Training for the Security Sector: Lessons identified and practical resources

On 4-6 June 2012, DCAF hosted a three-day workshop on gender training for the security sector in Geneva, Switzerland. The workshop brought together thirty-six gender training experts from around the world to share and discuss good practices and lessons learned in delivering gender training to defence, police and other security audiences.


The topics covered during the workshop were:


   - Gender training needs assessment

   - Importance of gender – debating different approaches

   - Simulation exercises and role plays

   - Favourite gender training exercises

   - Exchange and analysis of gender training agendas

   - Gender training for men

   - Gender and diversity training

   - Exchange and analysis of case studies

   - Gender training exercises to promote attitude change

   - Follow-up and evaluating the impact of gender training


The workshop was held as part of DCAF’s ongoing project on Gender and Security Sector Reform Capacity Building. The report provides an invaluable resource to anyone involved in training in the field of gender and security as it includes numerous lessons identified as well as useful tips and pointers on how to overcome some of the greatest challenges that gender trainers currently face. Furthermore, the report contains a sizeable collection of tried-and-tested gender training exercises as well as an extensive list of additional resources such as publications, short videos and other electronic training materials.

This tool is useful for anyone conducting gender training for the security sector, either in the form of gender courses specifically, or in cases where there is a single unit or lesson on gender within the context of a training session on a different theme.

The report contains a variety of lessons identified for each of the topics covered during the conference. In addition, annex three consists of a collection of standalone, tried-and-tested exercises that were presented by experts during the workshop. Finally, annex four contains a list of additional resources for teaching gender to the military.

The report draws on the knowledge, experience and expertise of some of the leading gender and security sector reform trainers from around the world.

The exercises included in the report will need to be tailored to the local context and the group being trained.


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