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Ce qui suit présente des définitions des principaux termes et concepts de la réforme du secteur de la sécurité.


A compartmentalized organisation is divided into clearly separated sections that have a high degree of autonomy and do not collaborate much.

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Commission of inquiries

Bodies tasked to review or investigate particular events, practices or policies

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Off duty behaviour

Police officers must accept that even their off duty behaviour is observed by the public and their role model responsibilities cannot be abandoned once they remove their police uniform.

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Some police officers run their own businesses when off duty. In many countries this is illegal. Even where it is not, some types of business involve illegal activities. Other types, based on legal activities, can overlap with police security and protection work (e.g. installing alarm systems) and may be conflicts of interest.

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Mission statement

A short and easily understood text that sets out the mission, vision and values of the organisation. These values result in norms and rules, which are closely related, but not identical. A rule describes what should be done, implemented or respected (e.g. a police officer cannot accept a gift in exchange for a helpful act), whereas a norm merely ‘records’ normal or existing situations (e.g. corruption is incompatible with the job of police officers).

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