Journey To Extremism In Africa: Drivers, Incentives and the Tipping Point for Recruitment

Violent extremism in Africa is beginning to reverse of development gains and threatening prospects of development in the future, causing fatalities, displacement and critical humanitarian need. The  UN's 2015 Plan of Action on Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) urges states to attentend to the root causes and drivers of violent extremism, instead of spending too much effort on militarized approaches, as was the case in the past decades.

This report, an output of the UNDP’s Preventing and Responding to Violent Extremism in Africa programme, contributes towards creating an evidence base on the drivers and incentives for recruitment in Africa. Analysis aims to gain understainding of the dynamics of the recruitment process, from its initial conditions and factors, through to the ‘tipping point’ that triggered particular individuals to take the step of joining a violent extremist group where others did not. Results are drawn from interviews with former recruits from various violent extremist groups across the continent.

The report's insights suggest new pathways for effective policy-making and programming responses.

To read the full report "Journey To Extremism In Africa: Drivers, Incentives and the Tipping Point for Recruitment", please follow the link.


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