Risky Business: The Duque Government’s Approach to Peace in Colombia

The new President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, during his election campaign promised to “modify” the peace agreement between the Government and the FARC. Precisely how they will do so remains unclear, given that aspects of the deal are enshrined in law or enjoy considerable support, particularly in rural areas hard hit by half a century of conflict. This report argues that the FARC agreement may not be perfect, but that it has ended Colombia’s decades-long battle against its largest guerrilla movement and offers the best path to peace in rural areas. If the government obstructs rollout of the deal or starves the responsible bodies of funds, it could spark renewed violence, hinder the extension of state authority and legal economic activity to long-neglected peripheries, fuel the growth of illicit armed groups and, over time, impede the sustainable reduction of drug production.

For full access to the report, The Duque Government’s Approach to Peace in Colombia, please follow the link. 


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