The Missing Link: Security Sector Reform, ‘Military Neutrality’ and EU integration in Serbia

The study analyzes the current situation in Serbia’s security sector; the mechanisms the European Union has in order to enable Serbia to implement sustainable reforms in the security sector, with specific focus on Chapter 31 and the political criteria; a map of needs and key focus-points for reform, along with specific conclusions and recommendations for all relevant actors. 
The Policy Study was prepared based on comprehensive research, consultations and interviews with relevant stakeholders conducted in Belgrade and Brussels including representatives of relevant ministries and parliamentary committees in Serbia, representatives of the NATO Liaison Office in Belgrade, the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the European Commission DG Enlargement, the EEAS and NATO HQ.
The study is a result of a joint project of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Belgrade (CEAS) and the Democratization Policy Council headquartered in Berlin (DPC) titled “Security sector reform, ‘military neutrality’ and EU integration in Serbia: How the EU can best use its influence to advocate for sustainable reform”.


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