Building Trust and National Ownership in SSR

Building Trust and National Ownership in SSR

In this video, Dr. Björn Holmberg discusses the importance of having time for dialogue and building trust with local actors to understand their driving forces and dynamics when supporting the SSR process. Björn also highlights that SSR support approaches should be realistic and centered on the promotion of national ownership. 

Björn Holmberg

Dr. Björn Holmberg has more than 20 years of field and HQ experience on issues related to peace and human security from a theoretical and a “hands-on” perspective. He holds a Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University. He was the Secretary General of Swedepeace Foundation (2009-2017), a non-profit and impartial foundation promoting peaceful conflict resolution and human security and was commissioned as an Officer in the Army Reserve at the Swedish Infantry’s Officer Academy in 1989.  Dr. Holmberg has been published on different topics such as causes of war, conflict analysis, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, SSR, DDR, etc. Currently, Dr. Björn Holmberg is the Swiss SSR Support Team leader providing support to the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and Partners Inter-American Bank in their Programme Integrated Security Sector Reform and Violence Prevention in Honduras Programme in Honduras. Dr. Holmberg is current Director for the Challenges Forum - The International Forum for Challenges of Peace Operations.  



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