Mainstreaming Gender in UN Peacekeeping Operations to End Combat-Related Sexual Violence (CSRV)

Monday 05 February 2018 Session

05 February - 08 February 2018 · New Delhi

DCAF-ISSAT was requested to present at a training course in Delhi organised by UN Women in partnership with the United Services Institution of India. DCAF-ISSAT’s contribution consisted of two presentations on:

  • Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV); and,
  • Early Warning Signs and Threat Analysis.

 as well as a wrap up of the course learning.

The course is designed to improve UN peacekeepers’ ability to address CRSV by familiarising peacekeepers with the concept and policy of CRSV, clarify roles and responsibilities for peacekeepers and the international community as well as host nation forces, and equip them with tools and mechanisms to proactively address and prevent CRSV in their operational environment.

The course received support (including resources for conducting the course and/or travel support for instructors/ participants) from the following member states: Norway, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Canada, and Japan.

Training in CRSV is part of building security capacity in the UN's approach to Protection of Civilians and peacekeeping more broadly, as well as looking at skills and sustainable structure transfer to host forces. The visit also opens up a first opportunity for DCAF-ISSAT to engage with the  United Service Institution of India, as well as potentially with the Centre for UN Peacekeeping (CUNPK) as part of ISSAT's Peacekeeping Training Centre outreach.

05 February - 08 February 2018 (4 jours)
New Delhi (28.613939, 77.209021)