EU support to JSSR: report from a workshop in Brussels

by Willem Oosterveld · July 10th, 2011.

From 16-20 May, a workshop was held in Brussels on EU support for justice and security sector reform (JSSR), bringing together delegates from EU representations around the world where such activities are supported. The purpose was to enable delegations to exchange views on challenges they faced and on the lessons they learnt in the field. One of the things that the meeting made clear is that the EU is already engaged in many JSSR-related projects. For instance, under the European Development Fund (EDF) umbrella, the EU spends some EUR 590 million on 65 projects in the area of justice reform. 

In terms of challenges to security and justice support, the participants underlined the continuing difficulties with lack of political will, lack of local ownership, political instability and corruption. They also identified a number of internal problems requiring attention: inadequate support from headquarters, poor coordination with other donors and the lack of practical tools. Obviously a lot of questions remain regarding how JSSR policy within the EU will evolve, given the new structures being put in place following the establishment of the European External Action Service (EEAS). Various JSSR activities will be split up as a result, but whether this implies less commitment from the EU toward JSSR remains to be seen. For their part, the commitment of field staff remains strong.

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