Communicating Security Sector Reform

04/11/2014 @ 21:15
par Ishaq Ibrahim

Dear all on this forum,

I am examining SSR Communication as a dissertation towards my post-grad degree. I am particularly looking at the extent to which particular SSR programmes have employed effective communication strategies and how this has impacted on the success of the reform process. The ends of the study include serving as a pointer to good practice in developing an effective SSR communication strategy.

Previous work on this area is quite scant in my observation, and I am eager for any references from anyone relating to any aspect of communication in SSR. Your timely action will be immensely helpful as I'm running against time. Thammy and others, hoping to have a word from you ASAP.

Hope you've all began stretching the ear towards the distant sounds of the approaching bells of Christmas, lol.



05/11/2014 @ 05:51
by Patrick Bowers


I suggest you talk with The Asia Foundation, they have run several development activities focusing on philosphy behind community policing, which had strong components of police and community interaction. Particularly, TAF implemented such a program in Bangladesh from aprox. 2009-2013.    

06/11/2014 @ 11:31
by Azra Avdagic

Dear Ishaq,

Kindly take a look at this document, it was one I came across recently doing research for a class. It may also be worth it to take a look at the African Union documents on policy frameworks on SSR. From my knowledge they consider effective communication strategies. 

Best of luck,


05/03/2015 @ 16:40
by Thammy Evans

Dear Ishaq,

this might be a bit late for you, but for the sake of completeness, you might want to consider the large Internal Security Sector Review (ISSR) outreach programme that was conducted in Kosovo in 2005-6 to assess and communicate the SSR programme underway.

Hope the dissertation is going well.