DDR, SSR and female military

19/08/2012 @ 14:06
par Alwin van den Boogaard


I am looking for examples of DDR programs in which it is stated that female combatants have priority over male combatants for becoming member of a new integrated army/ police force.



22/08/2012 @ 11:26
by Natacha Meden

Hi Alwin, I am not aware of any, but am consulting colleagues with a long experience in DDR in different parts of the world. I will be sure to share their feedback with you.All the best,Natacha

20/09/2012 @ 14:49
by Thammy Evans

Hi Alwin - I know this thread has been continued offline, but I thought you might also like to try with Sonja Stojanovic of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy. The Balkans has an extensive recent experience of DDR and Serbia is tackling the very issue of gender mainstreaming in the security sector right now. Good luck.

20/09/2012 @ 15:23
by Daniel Szczepanski

Hey Alwin, DCAF has just brought out a publication on linkages between DDR and SSR which includes country case studies. Each country case study also describes approaches to gender of DDR/SSR programmes in those selected countries (among other things). Might be interesting for you? Here's the link.