Norwegian engagement in security sector reform in South Sudan

01/06/2014 @ 18:14
par Margaryta Yakovenko


I am writing my Master's thesis on SSR in South Sudan. Does anyone know where I can find what SSR activities has Norway performed in South Sudan? 

02/06/2014 @ 15:17
by Teohna Williams

Dear Margaryta,

Thanks for your enquiry. At the end of 2011 ISSAT supported a feasibility study undertaken by the Norwegians. The aim of the study was to see whether and how Norway could best support reform of the defence sector in the Republic of South Sudan by building capacity in the Ministry of Defence. This study was followed up by a more detailed fact finding process undertaken by the Norwegian MoD. I am not sure if a decision was reached on whether or not to embark on a Norwegian engagement before the current outbreak of violence in South Sudan, which has effectively resulted in a halt in international development (and SSR) support to the country.

To my knowledge, supporting defence sector reform is the only SSR focus for Norway in South Sudan.

You can find the information here: 

Good luck with completing your studies!

Teohna Williams

21/08/2014 @ 15:51
by Janine Rauch

hi margaryta

Within overall governance support you could try looking at Norad website  and at NUPI publications and on the policing side you could contact the Norwegian Police College ... Ann-Kristin Kvilekval who works there might be able to advise you: 

Also bear in mind that Norway channels a lot of support through the UN, for example Norwegian police officers serve in UNMISS.

Good Luck