SSR Success stories?

31/10/2013 @ 16:11
par Morgan Easter

Dear All,

An ISSAT Blog by Gordon Peake (find it here) asked for some successful examples of SSR processes from practitioners. Unfortunately, few examples were given and this pertinent question remains largely unanswered. Where are the SSR Success Stories? I invite some of you to think of your experiences in the field - or others  - and offer up some details of accomplishments and triumphs in SSR.

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31/12/2013 @ 18:18
by Ishaq Ibrahim


Sierra Leone is touted as a success – redeemed public image, supervising successful elections, participating in PSOs – but that is mixed; depends on… Particularly it is limited to the military – the police is still…. Read the attached please.

02/01/2014 @ 11:00
by Ishaq Ibrahim

Follow the link here for an account of SSR success in Ghana

02/01/2014 @ 11:23
by Ishaq Ibrahim

Deborah Avant relates how a special aspect of SSR – the training of post-conflict security forces by Private Security Companies (PSC) under the eye of International Organisations (IOs) – was successful in Croatia, but failed in Sierra Leone. REF: Avant, D. (2009), ‘Making Peacemakers out of Spoilers’ in Paris, R. and Sisk, T.D. (eds) The Dilemmas of State Building, Confronting the Contradictions of Postwar Peace Operations, Oxon: Routledge, 104-126.  

02/01/2014 @ 16:38
by Ishaq Ibrahim

South Africa is touted as a success due to a commitment to application of the principle of Local Ownership

Follow link:

26/02/2014 @ 16:49
by Thammy Evans

Thanks Ishaq for all these examples. In fact there are many examples, and I'll try to add them in due course. Our own work over a period of years in Albania is one such example of where the princples of SSR (the SSR 1,2,3) are taking root, as highlighted in Victoria Walker's blog on Community Policing

More later.